AI Dialogues & the Gaps in Identity


“Welcome. Please answer the question, you will then have access to the database. Feel free to touch and move the screen to reveal what others have questioned before you.”


The curated algorithms that govern what we see online constantly adapt from our decisions. However, we can fail to realize that this dynamic influences our self-perception and actions; the framing of content can limit how we perceive the bigger picture. What are the gaps in an algorithm’s construction of your identity, and how would it create a more holistic picture of you? What are the collective identities of a community an algorithm uses to fill in the gaps?

Project Brief

Where are the humans in Artificial Intelligence? In this studio, we explored design, behavior, and people’s understanding, in physical, digital, and hybrid environments, with a specific focus on intelligence of different kinds, from social interaction to artificial intelligence. The course comprises practical projects and guest talks, focused on investigating, understanding, and materializing intelligence and other invisible and intangible qualitative phenomena and relationships, through new forms of probe, prototype, and speculative design.

Spring 2018
4 month long project

P5js, Projection and Mylar paper

This project was developed with guidance from Dan Lockton, Marisa Lu and Gautam Bose

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