I am a recent graduate from Carnegie Mellon University, studying design for environments. Design is my process of exploration, innovation, and understanding. I enjoy investigating and prototyping with unique mediums to explore how they can produce new forms of communication and interaction in an environment. My recent projects use materials like wax, paper, print, pixels and fabrication methods (3D printing and laser cutting) in order to investigate physical, qualitative experiences.

For me, placing unique mediums in a new context is a way to understand information from a new perspective. One of my favorite projects used wax and light-sensitive PLA filament to visualize the thermodynamic information of a space. My work allows me to translate and share my interpretation of the world with others. These translated experiences harness new understandings of unexplainable phenomena.

I also enjoy conceptualizing environments that navigate between digital and physical spaces. This work involves redefining interactions between people and the micro-interactions we have with the material world. I am excited to begin learning how to translate my concepts into working physical realities. My other favorite mediums include glassblowing, screen printing, bookmaking, pastel / charcoal and oil paint.





Additional Projects:

Reducing HIV Transmission in the US within 10 Years: a design strategy, futuring, and social entrepreneurship process which led to a proposal for a social venture which would co-package and work to subsidize condoms and home tests.